Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Pedestrian Safety

City staff offer the following regarding pedestrian safety in the Ainslie Wood neighbourhood of Main Street West.
A school review was completed in 2015 for both the Canadian Martyr Catholic and Colin McDonald Schools and a number of enhancements have been implemented to ensure a safer walk to school for children in the area. The plan below shows all the streets that were reduced to 40km/h as part of the school review, as well as an all-way stop that was created. Main Street West was also reduced to 50km/h in this area with a Flashing 40km/h speed limit during school arrival and dismissal times.
In combination with the current resurfacing of Main Street from West Park Avenue to Cootes Drive/Leland Street, ladder crossings are being installed at all intersections to enhance the existing crossings and bring attention to drivers that they are in a high pedestrian area.